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Non-Credit Opportunities

Barton Community College is excited to offer non-credit coursework with the American Healthcare Documentation Professional Group (AHDPG).

AHDPG offers non-credit coursework to prepare for the industry examination for Medical Scribe

The courses offered via this delivery method do not grant college credit toward Barton certificate or degrees and award no official academic credit. Coursework offered by AHDPG is created and delivered by these entities and is not instructed by Barton faculty.

Non-Credit Opportunities with AHDPG

American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group

Our Medical Scribe Training Programs are targeted to two distinct candidate types. The Medical Scribe Professional Training Program is designed for individuals new to healthcare and/or those individuals interested in augmenting their existing knowledge in the areas of Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology.  The Medical Scribe Training for Practicing Allied Health Professionals is designed specifically to help practicing Allied Health Professionals (MAs, MTs, LVNs, Techs, Translators, etc.) take on the activities associated with medical scribing.  The Medical Scribe Training for Practicing Allied Health Professionals begins from the vantage point the candidate is already well versed in Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology.

Both program prepare a candidate to sit for AHDPG's National Medical Scribe Certification Exam.

To determine which program is best for you, please take our Free Online Medical Scribe Readiness Assessment or for more information, visit Barton’s AHDPG website.