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Financial Aid & Scholarships Student Consumer Information

Student Consumer information is information that Barton is required to make available to all enrolled students on an annual basis. Enrolled students will receive notification of the availability of this information via their Barton e-mail address. The Financial Aid Office may be contacted with questions regarding the information below during normal business hours.

General Institutional Information:

Academic Information:

  • Academic Warning Process - Requirements to meet the required academic and progress performance standards at Barton Community College.
  • Institutional Accreditation - Information regarding Barton’s Institutional Accreditation and specific program accreditation.
  • Degree Options - A list of degrees that students can obtain through Barton, including the requirements for each.
  • Academic Programs Listing - A complete listing of all educational programs offered at Barton.
  • Adult Basic Education Programs - Services offered through Barton’s Center for Adult Education including GED classes and GED testing.
  • Barton’s Campuses - A list of the campuses used by Barton to deliver programs.
  • Campus Directories - Employee directories, organizational charts and directories of institutional departments.
  • Transfer Credit Policies - Policies relevant to the transfer of credit hours to Barton from other institutions.
  • Textbook Information - A complete list of textbooks required for Barton courses including price and ISBN information.

Financial Aid Information:

  • Types of Financial Aid - Description of aid administered by Barton’s Financial Aid Office.
  • Eligibility - Eligibility requirements for students to receive Title IV Federal Financial Aid.
  • Applying for Financial Aid - Step-by-step guide to completing the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) process with Barton.
  • Financial Aid Disbursement - Explanation of how Federal and other student aid is disbursed and distributed to students.
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Aid - Information pertinent to students receiving aid to understand their responsibilities for maintaining their eligibility and their rights to information regarding their aid.
  • Cost of Attendance and Additional Program Costs - An estimate of the total expenses for a student attending Barton Community College. The total figure includes tuition and fees, room and board (dorm and meal plan costs for an on campus student, or housing and food allowances for an off campus student), books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.  
  • Student Loan Information - Pertinent information for student loan borrowers regarding student loan requirements, types of federal student loans and annual interest rates.
  • Student Employment and Federal Work Study - Information about student employment opportunities and payment rates.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy - Policy regarding the standard of academic achievement that must be maintained to remain eligible for financial aid.
  • Refund and Return to Title IV Policies - Procedures that Barton must follow when students fail to complete 100% of their enrolled coursework within a semester.
  • Financial Aid Employee Code of Conduct - Expectations for Barton Financial Aid staff members to adhere to in the administration all types of financial aid.
  • Alternative Loan Code of Conduct - Expectations for Barton Financial Aid staff members to adhere to with regard to private lenders and alternative student loans.

Health and Safety Information:

Student Outcomes:

Institutional Policies: