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Student Success

Goal 1: Advance student entry, reentry, retention, and completion strategies.

  • KPI 1.1: Fall to Fall Retention – Full and Part Time 
  • KPI 1.2: Fall to Spring Retention – Full and Part Time
  • KPI 1.3: Course Completion

Retention and program completion are industry standards for evaluating the success of students as is evidenced by the requirement to report these metrics to The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System


This is the percentage of first-time degree/certificate-seeking students from the previous fall who either re-enrolled or successfully completed their program by the current fall.AAlso as part of the Student Success Academy work, the Barton Academy Team is working with Barton’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness to develop a robust data map that will track a variety of student success metrics for various Barton student populations annually.

Success Rate

The Student Success Academy also measured "Success Rate" by course completers who earn A, B or C grades. 
Unsuccessful rate is course completers who earned D or F grades. Click on the image below to view the full size info graphic!

Fall 2020 Student Success Survey    

For more information on the Student Success Academy’s work to date, visit  

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