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Degree and Catalog Graduation Requirements

Catalog Requirements

Students who remain continuously enrolled from time of entry to application for graduation will be held to the catalog requirements in effect when they declare their program of study. “Continuous enrollment” refers to annual Fall and Spring semester enrollment (or equivalent) in a minimum of at least one credit bearing course per semester.   Should a student’s enrollment be interrupted, they will be held to the guidelines and requirements of the catalog of record at the time of program re-entry.

The “continuous enrollment” requirement does not apply to target student populations or population cohorts for whom breaks in enrollment are necessitated by Barton program scheduling or partner agency scheduling/restrictions. Changes to prerequisites and/or curriculum which occur for purposes beyond graduation – e.g. regulatory and legislative updates, third party accreditation or other certification bodies requirements, increased skill demand from industry, employment or transfer requirement changes, or recommended and/or mandated changes from the Kansas Board of Regents or other such entities are not subject to these catalog requirements.

Degree Requirements

Find information on requirements for each degree in the list below.

Associate in Arts 
Associate in Applied Science 
Associate in General Studies 
Associate in Science 
General Education Courses

Dual Degree(s)

A student may apply for graduation and receipt of more than one degree from the College, provided they have met the following requirements for the additional degree:

  • A minimum of 15 additional Barton hours of credit completed after meeting their requirements of the first degree, and
  • At least 15 hours must have been taken at the College.


Students must achieve an overall 2.0 grade point average to be eligible for graduation.

Intent to Graduate

Applying for graduation is not an automatic process; you must file a notice of intent to graduate and pay applicable fees if you wish to receive an Associate's degree from the College. This notice of intent must be filed with the Enrollment Services Office by filling out the College's Application for Graduation in your MyBarton Portal.

Priority Graduation Application Deadlines 

  • February 1 for Spring Graduation
  • June 1 for Summer Graduation
  • ​September 1 for Fall Graduation

Transfer and Articulation Agreement

If you complete an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree based on a baccalaureate-oriented sequence at a state and regionally accredited Kansas public community college and your program of study has met the requirements of the Kansas Public Community College-Kansas Regents Transfer Agreement and Articulation Guide, you will be accepted with junior standing and will have satisfied the general education requirements of all Regents universities. Your advisor will have information on the agreement to help you plan your course schedule.